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Academics – Hartford Adventist Academy offers a challenging curriculum, in a safe environment

Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten
  • Designed to encourage exploration and discovery learning
  • Supports and strengthens early childhood development skills
  • Discovers language and literacy through read-aloud, conversation, rhyme, movement and music
  • Engaging activities include art, science exploration, blocks, and sensory experiences
Lower School - Grades 1-5
  • Students are taught to be problem-solvers
  • Develop critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Emphasis on Math, Science, Language Arts & Social Studies
  • Foreign language and basic Computer Skills introduced
Middle School - Grades 6-8
  • Focus is on continued interpersonal skills and the development of study skills.
  • Pre/Algebra, Science, Research skills and Writing emphasized
  • Foreign Language enhanced
  • Develop above proficiency level in computer applications, web & graphic design software
  • Preparations for ITBS, MAP or other external exam
  • Students learn to successfully embrace education that integrates faith and learning