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Why Hartford Adventist Academy?

Faith works in learning!

We incorporate biblical and moral values with a comprehensive life program including -
  • Weekly Chapels
  • Personal Bible Study
  • Community Outreach
  • Bible Instruction
  • Daily Class Worship
  • Healthy Lifestyle
We are a school of readers and writers -
  • Students engage in construction discussions
  • Students learn the importance of writing, cultivating skills to use as an evangelistic tool
  • Students compete in a regional Spelling Bee
We teach students how to learn by -
  • Developing their organizational, personal and interpersonal skills
  • Providing an academic program that is engaging and challenging
  • Differentiating teaching methods to meet student’s needs
We focus on Bible, Mathematics, Science & Technology, and Music -
  • Housing a modern, state-of-the-art Science & Technology Lab
  • Utilizing progressive interactive classroom tools, like smart boards for instruction
  • Providing various outlets for creative and musical expression (including private music lessons, Bell choir, and Performance choir)